Banking Courses

Banking Courses

Banking reforms have been introduced globally and adoption of technology in the Banking sector has changed the way banking is conducted in the developed and developing countries. New age banking calls for a phenomenal level of Customer focus besides exposure to technology. Recognizing the growing need for training of new-age Banking and Finance professionals, Edulight – a leading education and training company from India, has designed a curriculum that provides the best training for the budding and aspiring professionals.

Our course BANKER has been designed as a comprehensive banking curriculum, which exposes the students to Core Banking and Retail Banking through an intense training curriculum that is job oriented and market relevant.

About BANKER program

The objective of the program is to build a pool of global banking professionals, who can sustain the growing momentum of the bank and help it achieve new levels of profitability and customer responsiveness. BANKER is the most industry relevant curriculum, which has been designed through inputs from Banking Professionals who are at the helm of affairs at different banks and face the talent shortage on a real time basis. Besides deep diving into the Banking domain, the course content has a unique mix of soft skills, customer relationship, client acquisition skills, which hones the soft and domain specific skills needed by new-age banking professionals.


In this course, a student is familiarized with the global Banking industry. The course covers an overview of the entire industry and the key players in each sector. All the key products and services offered by Banks, the ecosystem of a bank and the challenges faced by them. The course further outlines the various roles that exist in the sector, and the demands of the selection process for each role. It enables the students to understand the concept of money and banking, the role of banks, and various line of business in the banking industry. Further, it focuses on the statutory angle and the governing bank of the country. The learner would understand the functions of the Central Bank of the country besides demystifying different jargons used by the banking industry. In addition, the student is exposed to the role of technology in modern banking including the legal aspects of banks and related security concerns. The course coverage is engaging and appealing, peppered with activities and role-plays.


This course equips the learner with the knowledge of financial mathematics & accounting concepts and skills that are relevant to the banking professionals. The learner will be able to apply the mathematical functions like simple and compound interest, calculation of EMI, NPV, IRR basic statistical functions etc., in various areas of banking. Further, the learner will gain knowledge in areas of double entry bookkeeping, methods of depreciation, valuation of inventory, Profit & Loss accounts, Balance Sheet etc.


The transition from campus to corporate can be an overwhelming experience. This course covers all those professional and behavioral skills, which are important for a person making an entry into the professional world. The course coverage includes inputs like how to create a good first impression, professional grooming, and etiquette, customer orientation, customer service by phone, business ethics, and workplace etiquette. The course also includes EDULIGHT’s unique 360°learning module that grooms the student on crucial behavioral traits needed for current day professional life like building confidence, unshackling mental barriers, demonstrating positive attitude, taking ownership, etc. This course gives a preview of the expectations of the professional world. The course is packed with self-assessment exercises and interactive sessions in our action classrooms.


Through this course, the learner understands the need for strict regulation in the Banking industry. In addition, a student understands the role and functions of the various regulators within a country mainly the Central Bank. The student is also exposed to various regulations that govern the Banking industry and with modernizations, the implication of cyber laws and internet security for safe and secure online banking.


Modern Banking is a very glamorous profession and it calls for effective communication skills as a key ingredient for success. The objective of this course is to highlight what effective communication means, important aspects of business writing and the need for good conversation skills. The course covers the components of communication, how to communicate in an assertive manner, barriers to communication, the nuances of business communication, and how to be a good conversationalist. This is a highly interactive course, which enables students to shed their inhibitions. This is facilitated through a number of exercises, role-plays, activities, and assignments, thus enabling students to become confident communicators.


This course covers skills that form part of the core competencies that an employee is expected to have in order to add value to the organization. Since customer orientation is a key differentiator in the financial services industry, the interactive sessions prepare participants for a customer driven mindset and practices. In this module, through activities and role-plays, the participants learn how to interact with customers during the acquisition phase and how to service customers, retain customer and create customer delight. The module covers the art of saying “No” tactfully, assertiveness, and handling irate customers. This module also reinforces skills like customer service recovery.


Retail banking emphasizes on the baking business and its interrelationship to a B2C market. Retail banking is the backbone of modern banking and forms a crucial part of a bank’s overall revenue. This course takes the participant through an in depth understanding of a typical bank’s ecosystem and the methods and revenue models through which they make profits.

This would include interaction with the customer in a banking context, cross selling Mutual funds and term policies to the banks and a detailed insight on the core aspects of retail banking. This involves imparting knowledge of different types of customers, day-to-day activities including various deposits, payments, remittances, collection and clearance services, cash management services, documentary bill collection, inter-bank settlements for customers with multiple accounts and services with banks etc.


Core Banking Solutions (CBS) refer to the application software package which enables banks to consolidate their technology platforms across functions and geographies leveraging cost and at the same time acquiring flexibility and scalability to adapt to a fast changing and competitive environment.

BANKER course will expose the student to simulated Banking software and the technology environments that prevails in a bank. It almost operates as a virtual bank thus providing the students a real time exposure to the banking environment. The students get a hands-on experience on the various applications of Core Banking Solutions Software. Additionally, the students will be exposed to different scenarios that the bank may face at various times. The objective of the course is to make the student OPERATIONAL FIRST HOUR.
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