Board of Directors

Jeetendra Nair

At Unilight Ventures, he is focused in creating new entities and building value through enterprising Professional Entrepreneurship engagements and path breaking innovative business models. He brings an entrepreneurial spirit and high level of passion & aggression in the business that he is involved. Unilight Ventures has founded and promoted companies viz Edulight in the Education and Training space, Searchlight HR in the Human capital space, Hotwheels in the Automobiles segment, Two05 Intl –USA in the consulting space besides Equentis Capital in the Financial Services space. He is also a Board member of the Indo African Chamber of Commerce and also has involvement in an soon to be announced online education company. In the past he was also a member of the prestigious Microsoft Advisory Council - a 12 member worldwide appointed body and represented Asia for 2 consecutive years.

Coming from a humble background, he has successfully built a robust ecosystem. He started his journey as a part of Karrox Technologies Ltd in 1998 as a junior executive and was anointed as the CEO and part of the Promoter Group in 2006. JN was instrumental in turning around the company and raising capital from different PE in different growth stage of the company which ultimately led to a sell out to a PE. He was instrumental in spearheading different acquisitions that Karrox did at different stages and led to a PE buying out Karrox at a considerable premium thus creating wealth for all the stakeholders.

Considered as someone who has an ability to spot talent and build good teams with admirable entrepreneurial culture in the company. Highly passionate and articulate in his views about the market and ability to predict future trends forms his basic core strength. In business, his ability to create new business models to suit dynamic changes in the market coupled with his ability to execute path breaking strategies made him an asset for his companies.

Academically he is a Post Graduate in Management – MBA, after completing his bachelors. He has obtained various certifications in IT and management which includes DSE, HDSE, MS Certifications, CISA to name a few. He is currently on the board of few growing companies and is actively involved in most of the businesses.

His personal value system includes layers of spiritual guidelines which drives the basic design principles of his companies. A family man who stays with his parents and is married to Smita and has a 10 year old son Aaryan. His inspiration in life includes Swami Vivekanand, Alexander The great ,Gandhiji from the past and Bill Gates and Warren Buffet from the current lot, for their spirit of sharing.

Considered as an ambitious person with relentless energy and passion to achieve predetermined objectives, he believes that social inequality and creation of wealth has to be co-related and hence CSR and sprit of sharing should form the founding principles of a human life.