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India over the last many years has seen different waves in the training ecosystem and the most prominent of them was the IT training wave. Innumerable number of companies were set up during this wave and today we have large training companies who have created an ecosystem revolving around the requirement of trained and skilled workforce in IT.

Over the years, the growth of India has been more balanced and hence aspiring students have much more options rather than purely looking at IT. Markets have become competitive and hence, entry of new players have become constraining due to higher alternatives available in the marketplace. Having said that, IT continues to be a very strong career option for today’s generation and the demand for trained professionals is being propelled by the high growth being witnessed in the marketplace.

Amongst few other options Banking , Financial Services and Accounting is poised to be the next big training opportunity in the market. There is a deep correlation between training and jobs. Conventionally, whenever there have been a high number of jobs available there is a related demand for training services of that segment. Unfortunately, in India, BFSI has been a low demand segment all this while; however, the future of this segment looks very promising. Each of BFSI-A is an opportunity in itself and some of the below aspects are clean indicators of the robustness that it shall possess with time.

Some of the highlights of this sector are as follows:

Financial inclusion policy – It would mandate banks to open more number of branches and maintain equilibrium between metro and non-metro locations. This policy will see an exponential growth of banks in non-metro locations.

New license regime - New licenses are being issued for new corporate houses to set up banks. This will further increase the number of branches in the metro and non-metro regions. BFSI space is forecasted to create about 1, 16, 000 jobs. New bank licenses would mean more jobs.

Accounting is equally a prominent sector and with the economic growth in the country, increased number of accounting professionals are sought after in the market place. The new age accounting professionals are very different from the traditional accounting workforce that has been available until now.

Finance segment and Insurance are equally promising segments and will need very dynamic content areas to fill in the ever increasing need of the segment.

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IT Training Courses

  • .NET
  • SQL
  • SharePoint
  • Windows 2008
  • MS Exchange
  • MS Office 2010

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Vocational Skilling Division 3

Accounting Courses

The global economy is growing at a fast pace and technology is fast changing lives and accounted numbers. Adoption of technology by accountants has evolved a system

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Vocational Skilling Division 2

Banking Courses

Banking reforms have been introduced globally and adoption of technology in the Banking sector has changed the way banking is conducted in the developed and developing countries.

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Other Courses

At Edulight, we believe in the Prime Minister’s vision of a skilled India. NSDC framework and support to help India to be skilled in different sectors.

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