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Edulight is a skills training and education company focused on creating social impact through its unique offerings . As our economy swings in to an inflection point, the demand for educated and skilled professionals is on a all time high. The gap between demand and supply of trained and skilled manpower across different streams and functions have triggered aspirations amongst many corporate to enter the skilling area and create ecosystems which can be scalable and sustainable in the years to come.

Edulight is a dream, a commitment to contribute to the upliftment of our country by leveraging the demographic dividends to its fullest. The future economy will require training companies to train and place fresh graduates to fuel their requirements. We are focused towards providing our students training simulated to on-job environment and thus assist them to excel in first hour productivity.

EDULIGHT is an education and skills training focused entity We bring to the table a unique proposition wherein University Education, Professional/ Vocational Training, Distance Learning & Placements combine to provide unique offerings to our students & learners across the globe.At Edulight, we believe that the previous decade was solely the ICT training wave. Looking forward towards the next couple of decades, alternative career opportunity are emerging at a fast pace.

EDULIGHT believes in the vision of the Prime Minister’s focus on skilling India and has created an ecosystem which will deliver modules thus helping the vision turn to reality. We aspire to be one of India’s largest skilling and education company by 2020.

Who We Are ??

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Edulight is a high energy , passionate and aggressive organization where the core team is obsessed towards bringing dimensional changes in the way training and education has been managed on the globe. For our students we are focused on providing them training with substance which fetches them desired jobs, for our corporate clients, we provide them re-skilling training such that it augments the productivity of their employees, for our employees we are building an organization where pride and performance are the key drivers of the growth and a platform where all professionals will converge to deliver their part to the society and finally for our stakeholders we are creating immense value through a system of transparent and effective working methods. Edulight is an ambitious organization which has a charter to be in the top space and with the background of our team and the passion on display this journey looks highly enterprising and enjoyable. Edulight loves challenges and currently we are at work to create an entity where training, education, technology and jobs will converge to be a single platform to create globally placement worthy manpower and where all of us shall address this in a solution bound model.

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What We Do ??

Edulight is a skills Training and Education company which has multiple courses in ICT , Banking , Accounts and various other job driven courses to be offered to students who are aiming at their first job immediately after completion of their graduation. Edulight has specific focus on Rural markets and believe that the true growth of India can emerge only if the rural markets become self sustaining. We are the bridge between rural India and modern skills based courses to be offered in rural India. We undertake skilling projects and work towards the last mile of providing these skilled resources with jobs in their local area.

On the Education space, Edulight is a leading player in the Distance Education realm and provides MBA courses for working professionals. These are formal education courses and degrees are awarded by government recognized universities. As we speak more than 3500 students have been a part of our formal education division.

Edulight also has a corporate training division which focuses on reskilling and upskilling the existing workforce of leading companies. We focus on training them on IT subjects, Behavioral training, and host of functional training programs. We are an array of clients who trust our ability to enhance the productivity of their workforce through our structured corporate training programs.

We have a unique 360* Delivery model wherein we have introduced blending learning in an unique and special manner thus augmenting the learning process of our students and making them more job enabled and execution focused. Our students are Operationally ready thus making their job probability very high whilst ensuring better productivity from day one on job. Our Delivery strategy is to make freshers as good as 1 year experienced candidate in terms of their output through our innovative methodology of teaching and intense focus on practice and placements. In simple words we specifically cater to those who come to us to get prepared for their first job. We also engage with companies for their staff reskilling needs at various advance levels.