Behavioral Training

Behavioral Training

Modern day scientific analysis and intense scrutiny has made it inevitable for all of us to miss client and peer observation about our positives and negatives. Additionally a highly competitive work environment has made it necessary for us to continuously upgrade ourselves on wide array of areas which are not necessarily related to our core area of work. Progressive companies consider investments in training of their work force as one of their key investments and keep monitoring their return through incremental productivity and behavioral analysis. These analysis and modern day work needs have given birth to a array of training programs which are highly innovative in its design, structure and delivery and at the same time highly effective in transforming human lives.

Edulight proudly presents some of the highly effective programs which can help your employees reach out and thank you for having nominated them for such a program. Some of these programs are high impact modules which has life changing ability in the way a person would approach and move. Though these programs are designed to be delivered in the shortest possible time, the impact of them lingers for the many years that they continue as a professional. At EL we have nearly 251 behavorial training programs which can be offered to different set of target audience. More importantly we can also customize a training program for a group / division , to suit a problem statement that may be communicated to us in advance

Edulight Behavioral programs are designed and customized to suit the pre determined training objective. These programs are carved out and delivered by experts who possess captivating oratory skills combined with the ability to engage the learners thus making it an enjoyable learning session for them. These programs are delivered in an unconventional method through different case studies, formation of groups, playing management games, and highly thought provoking videos and other visual effects aids.

Edulight has a comprehensive set of offerings which are need based and specific to organization objectives. Some of our programs are all time in demand and a Must Train for corporate who have the hunger to move to the next level . These life changing modules help participants measure their results on completion of the training and help them incorporate change in the times to come. Our approach to these trainings are different and we take pride in declaring ourselves as India’s first Success Fee based Corporate training company.

Some of the interventions are as under

School behavioural & leadership workshops
Admin Studio
Business Writing Skills
Six Thinking Hats
Leadership Skills
Basic Communication Skills
Negotiation skills
Adv. Communication Skills
Presentation Skills
Management effetively
Personality Development & Grooming
Time Management
Organizational Ethics and Decision Making
Working Together Works
Interviewing Skills
Problem Solving using Six Thinking Hats
Train The Trainer
Change Management
Performance tuning
Speech & Conversation Skills Enhancement
Smart Hiring Techniques for Recruiters
Voice And Accent
Organisational Transition
Finance for non Finance people
Managing Change
Attitude & Motivation at Work
People management
Corporate Etiquette & Grooming
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Win Win Negotiation
Conflict Management
Corporate Spirituality-7 Hidden Switches
Professional Etiquette/working together works
Effective Team & Client Communication
Team effectiveness
Attitude & Motivational Skills Effective communication
Step UP: Creating & Managing work life balance
Step Up: Decision Making Skills
Personal Productivity enhancement program
Business Communication
Complete Manager
Customer centricity
Laughter Therapy
Creating & Managing Work Life Balance
Ettiquettes - Corporate Grooming And Mannesrism
Decision Making Skills
Public Speaking
Prevention of Sexual harrasment.- POSH
Emotional Intelligence

Next Steps

Should you feel there is a need for a behavioral training to be introduced in your organization or should you feel the necessity to have an improvised version, please reach out to our experts who shall have a consultative discussion with you to understand the objective of the program and accordingly customize the modules to suit your objective. Conversely if the need has been identified, please choose from the menu options provided to you and reach out to us for the best trainers for the same.

Best still, please reach out to us at or call us 9321133609. It would be our pleasure to start an interesting conversation with you and we promise to walk the journey of change along with you …