Corporate Training Programs in Mumbai

World over there is an increased focus on increasing the productivity of team members within every organisation. HR has taken a serious view of it and every company with focus on growth is taking re-skilling and training of their team as a core initiative. Statistics prove that organisations that invest in training programs are more attuned to achieving their goals and have employees who are more productive.

Edulight is a Corporate Training Platform where organizations keen to upgrade their staff through training programs are serviced with an objective driven approach. Edulight Corporate Training Division operates as a training platform on which organisations aiming at employee development can engage with us and work in a collaborative manner. Our strategy stems from the evolution that the market witnessed over a period of time and expert engagement became the requirement instead of conventional trainers taking training programs. Our offering includes providing you with the best expert for the training and our pricing model guarantees our clients cost efficiency of the highest order.

At Edulight our attempt is to break through all potential barriers and make corporate training core DNA of our client. We operate as a training arm of our client’s organization, engage their employee development and work in a collaborative manner with them. Today clients are mindful that companies that invest in training programs are more attuned to achieving their goals through employees who are more productive.

At Edulight we seek the attention of L & D professionals,, HR professionals and Finance Heads in order to imbibe training as an integral management tool. We take pride in mentioning that we have financially reengineered prevailing market norms to provide our clients with a better value for money model thus ‘giving them more for same spend or giving them same for less’. We have brought together a highly engaging network of Subject Matter Experts who shall be happy to serve your team for their sheer passion of transfer of knowledge and skills.

We are a single platform where most of your training requirements can be serviced. Based on the feedback obtained from the marketplace, EL has carved out specific areas where companies normally need training interventions. Our courses range from IT Training Programs, to a suite of Behavioral Training, Experiential Learning, Distance Learning, to need based Niche training. Our engagement model is based on we operating as a part of the training department wherein we imbibe the core requirements and work as a part of the training team to ensure smooth execution.

Being a part of this evolving corporate training arena, Edulight brings you innovative models of engagement, intensive technology adoption, creative business models and most of all an attitude of excellence. Our intent is to bring dimensional changes in the way corporate training industry operates in a game changing manner.

To have a detailed understanding about our offerings and engagement models. Please reach out to our Top agency , providers of corporate training division, at or call at 022- 65698666 / 9819569023 / 9819161793

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