Government Skilling Projects

India has reached an inflection point which warrants us to work towards the wonderful growth opportunity that it presents to professionals. Whilst there is an India which has great growth drivers accelerating its growth to reach newer heights, there is also a Bharat which is perhaps neglected from our minds given the metro centricity of the growth in India. Indian government is looking at methods to balance the growth which will need support from different part of the society in order to create an ecosystem which is well spread, sustainable and scalable over a period of time. As our own small contribution to this journey of creating a balanced India, we have our Government skilling projects division which is focused on rural markets.

Highest level of skills shortages globally in 7 years, yet high unemployment. Statistics indicate that Average years of schooling in India is 4.4 yrs. More than half drop out before high school level. Less than 15% of college graduates are job ready. Only 2% of existing workforce has undergone formal Vocational skills training. 90% of jobs in India are skills based and require vocational training . 68% of India’s businesses struggle to find qualified applicants. India’s vocational and skills training trains 4.4 million a year. India has 13 million new entrants annually, China has 90 million, USA 11 million. India job creation is only generating 5.5 million jobs a year, yet 13 million new entrants. 36% of world-wide hiring cannot fill jobs. Declining birth rates and improved life expectancy .Expected skills shortage of 56 million by 2020.India talks 500 million skilled by 2022.Belief India has 20 to 25 year window of opportunity – demographic dividend

Our challenges are further compounded because of the demand supply mismatch. We have demand at the metro side and the trainable resources are in the rural market. The dichotomy extends further because organizations would not set shops in rural market due to non availability of man power and trained resources shall not stick around in villages since there is a paucity of jobs.

At Edulight, our mission is to see a skilled India where every Indian is entitled to a livelihood through their hardwork and deployment of skills which has been formally provided to them.Edulight focuses on providing the rural gateway by engaging in to social impact projects which are aimed at transforming the rural initiatives in to reality. This division engages itself in to delivering vocational skilling projects in an unique manner wherein the demand side establishes the content being trained for. In other words, we shall not go to rural markets to teach what we know but instead assess what is required to provide employment to such resources and provide them with those specific skills sets. These projects have the last mile attached in the form of providing jobs . The causality of our training is providing them with jobs and that is when the project is considered delivered. Edulight harnesses on its overall ecosystem and through Searchlight – one of our group companies we find suitable jobs for such students.

This division is a social impact division where the measure of performance is through the social impact we have been able to create through our deliveries in specific rural zones. We have a team of socially committed members who have dedicated their lives to the cause of improving human lives in the rural markets. This is a mobile team which travels from one zone to the other and keeps a close eye on attaining the social objective.

Edulight has delivered around 4 such projects and has been recently awarded another prestigious project from the government. We believe that vocational training to the rural market will prove to be an important catalyst in the transformation and growth of Indian economy. We are committed to the vocational training and skilling space in the country and have created an ecosystem which will help us to deliver social impact vocational skilling projects and in the process help transform human lives.

If you would like to know more about our government skilling projects division or would like to contribute through your participation in any way, please feel free to connect with us at . We would also be happy to share with you our insights and experience in rural area vocational training and skilling projects undertaken and delivered by us. Our government skilling and projects division will be a key area of focus for Edulight as we go ahead in our professional journey. We are desirous of being one of the largest rural skilling and training company in India.