MS Excel 2010 2days Training


Duration: 2 Days


Our MS Word 2010 Advanced Training Course is designed to give you the tools to do just that. The advanced course focuses on using styles, outlines and inserting references, like table of contents, figures and indexes. The Word 2010 advanced course will also cover using the mail merge functionality in MS Word, which allows you to produce similar, yet distinct documents. The Word 2010 advanced course will ensure you create the best templates easily and more efficiently.


The advanced Word training course will help users that need to produce large documents, e.g. legal or proposal documents.


You must have sound Word skills and understand key concepts of documents, or equivalent to our Intermediate course level.

Expertise in

After the course, you will be able to:

  • Use and Apply Styles
  • Create Table of Contents, Index and Referencing Tools
  • Create Templates
  • Track Changes
  • Use Outlining to Restructure
  • Create Basic Macros

Course Content

  • Inserting Graphics, Charts and Objects
  • Inserting Clipart & Pictures
  • Inserting shapes & SmartArt
  • Controlling graphic placement and text wrapping
  • Using the drawing canvas and drawing tools
  • Inserting a Screenshot
  • Inserting and Linking Excel Charts
  • Using Wordart Objects
  • Inserting Files

Creating Forms

  • Creating a form
  • Use section breaks in forms
  • Inserting Text, Checkbox and Dropdown form fields
  • Set Form field options
  • Inserting fields into your form
  • Lock a form (Protection)
  • Password protect forms
  • Save as a template
  • Use a form

Using Referencing Tools

  • Insert a Tables of Contents, Table of Figures and Index
  • Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Cross Referencing
  • Create and use Bookmarks
  • Insert hyperlinks
  • Edit hyperlinks
  • Use mailto: hyperlinks

Mail Merging

  • Use the Mail Merge Wizard Pane
  • Use the Mail merge contextual ribbon
  • Create a data source
  • Use an existing data source
  • Filter and Sort a Data Source in Word
  • Create letters
  • Create labels
  • Predefined merge field blocks
  • Insert merge fields
  • Simulate a merge
  • Preview merge data
  • Merge to printer
  • Merge to email
  • Insert and use the: Fill-in, If, Then, Else, fields.

Track and Merge Documents

  • Using Compare and Merge Documents
  • Sending for Review and Tracking changes
  • Accepting and Rejecting changes
  • Features of the review ribbon
  • Using version control in word 2010
  • Add, edit and remove Comments
  • Introduction to Macros
  • Record and Run a Macro
  • Basic Macro editing
  • Assigning macros to a ribbon or toolbar

Building a Template

  • Inbuilt Word templates
  • Office online templates
  • What is in a template?
  • Create a template
  • Edit and modify a template
  • Include boilerplate text and styles
  • Managing your Templates

Word customization

  • Customize ribbons and Quick access toolbar
  • Set default word options
  • Set or edit default file paths
  • Set or change languages for Word
  • Manage add-in