Our Value System

Life is beyond money at Edulight. Each member of Edulight has a perspective of life which goes beyond the material aspirations that all of us have. We believe that a Clean Value system is a necessary pillar for us to build a large tower that we aspire to build in the times to come. Management takes specific care in articulating these core values to all aspiring and current members of the team. This inward voice seeking maturity translates in to good practices which ultimately results in good karmas for us and our clients.


Most organizations speak. We live by it. Our value system is as dear to us as our business.


Our typical engagement with the client can be best ascribed as a Doctor Patient relationship. We are mindful that it bestows phenomenal responsibility on us to maintain client confidentiality whilst and subsequent to our engagements. At Edulight your bursiness secrets are best kept to ourselves.


We preach and practice ethical practices at all times. Our actions demonstrate our core principles.


We believe in the governing universe and in the concept of karmas. WE believe that we are what we think. Our belief is that life pays you back for what you do as your karmas. We practice and preach our associates to look beyond commercial engagements and instant opportunist deals. We are of the belief that strong companies are formed with forces which is beyond capital and other materialistic practices. At Edulight we look at resources who are inward looking and has patient ear for its inner voice.


As an organization we have a preset economic agenda which we religiously follow to the last point. We believe in the spirit of partnerhip. We propagate the idea of going together to the market, staying invested with you in different forms and garnering results in the times to come. We realize our shortcomings as much as our strengths and believe that partnerships make the journey more enjoyable and also more successful. We practice the concept of Collective Wisdom over individual brilliance.