Spring and Hibernate Training

Spring And Hibernate Training



Duration: 4 Days

  • Spring framework introduction
  • Spring framework modules introduction
  • DI and IOC introduction
  • Property , Constructor ,Collection, Method ,Injection
  • Auto wiring (by Type/byname/AutoDetect/constructor)
  • Beans Inheritance
  • AOP introduction and implementation
  • JdbcTemplet with and without Spring DAO support.
  • HibernateTemplet Implementation
  • Spring MVC Architecture and flow Introduction
  • Spring MVC Implementation
  • Spring MVC Annotations(@Controller , @RequestMapping , @ModelAttribute @RequestParam ,@Pathvariable ,@InitBinder etc.
  • Data Binding with Date, Collection and User-Define Type
  • Spring MVC built-in validation and custom validation
  • Custom property editor class


Duration: 2 Days

  • Hibernate Architecture Introduction and configuration
  • Writing Model Classes with annotation
  • Hibernate Primary Key generation schemas
  • CRUD Operations.
  • HQL Introduction and implementation.
  • Name and Native Queries.
  • Introduction to Criteria and Restrictions API
  • Cascade types
  • Transient , Persistent and Detached Objects
  • Mapping relationships(One To One , One To Many , mappedBy , Many To Many )
  • Inheritance Strategies (Table per subclass, Table per class, Table per concrete class)
  • Collection Integration List, Set, Map, Bag.
  • Proxy Objects , Eager and Lazy Fetch Types
  • First level Caching (Query level)
  • Configuration of second level Caching